Mask stool

Mask Stool

The Mask Stool is designed by Eva Harlou for Mater. The bar stool demonstrates an extraordinary collaboration on circular design. Eva Harlou and Mater has joined forces with Novo Nordisk, Carlsberg and BKI Coffee in a revolutionary circular design exhibition for this year’s 3daysofdesign at Villa Copenhagen. Mask Stool demonstrates a new innovative technique for upcycling industrial waste more efficiently – a method created to use the resources we already have.

The innovative technology has been developed in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute and the University of Copenhagen. The process recycles fiber-based materials which can be mixed with several types of plastic waste.  Mask Stool is created from a residual product from Carlsberg’s beer production, the spent grain (Danish ‘mask’), which is a wet fiber-based mass that is dried and mixed with granulate of plastic waste in a unique mixture that enables press molding.

“Carlsberg is always looking for new solutions that can make our products better and our production more sustainable. Mater has succeeded in using our spent grain from beer production in a new way. Normally the mask is used for animal feed, but Mater has succeeded with a new method where the spent grain is mixed with recycled plastic to create furniture. It is in our spirit to always try to do it better,”
– Tenna Skov Thorsted, Sustainability Manager at Carlsberg Denmark


B: 46 cm D: 46 cm Sh: 45 cm til 72 cm /(adjustable)