EVA HARLOU Friday sofa

Friday sofa

Friday is designed to be the ultimate comfortable sofa both aesthetically and physically. The the basic module – the seat – looks like a big and soft pillow bent in the middle. Friday is a rather voluptuous sofa collection – and even when seen from the back and touched on the back – it is nicely curved and soft. 
Besides the basic seat – the Friday collection consists of several different modules with or without corners and in different sizes so that you can create the exact sofa that you need. Over time you can rebuilt and change the look of the sofa – and you can even use every module as free standing lounge furniture.

FRIDAY is created within a vision of a more sustainable future with recycled materials. The manufacturer, Formel A, has therefore launched FRIDAY in a sustainable textile created by recycled polyester made of plastic bottles – 37 bottles per meter fabric to be exact and 370 bottles per average sofa.


This is Formel A’s first step towards a more sustainable production method with an intention of thinking the design assortment in to more sustainable initiatives. Formel A writes: “We’re not perfect and to us it’s the vision of knowing that you have to start somewhere, give it your best and taking on the awareness of the fact that every initiative – small or large – we all lead in this direction will create a difference in the big picture.”

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