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It was soon after graduating from the Aarhus School of Architecture in 2003 that Eva Harlou found herself playing a key role at Copenhagen architects 3XN, where she managed competition entries and gained a vital understanding of how the architecture world functions. 

After working on potential schemes all over Europe, she set up her own studio in 2006, focusing on small-scale residential work as well as giant masterplans with the ambition of working on every aspect of the built environment.

In Eva Harlou’s mind architecture and design is both handcraft and art. Most of all it is about framing human life. With architecture comes a great responsibility of trying to understand the human nature. Her philosophy is that architecture and design has to be both functional, durable and beautiful.

Furthermore she finds it very important that architecture and design reveals a clear and understandable concept – tells a simple story. Eva Harlou doesn’t believe that “less is more”, but she enjoys when simple and beautiful geometrical shapes solve all challenges in a project. 

In 2014 Eva Harlou started working in a smaller scale – designing interior projects and furniture, and she has an ongoing collaboration with companies such as Mater A/S, Lunar A/S and Auping.

Especially Eva Harlou’s sustainable interior designs and furniture have lately drawn a lot of attention. The projects are innovative, genuine and very recognizable with her interpretation of classical geometrical shapes.

Eva Harlou was (2012-2018) a member of the board of the “Aarhus 2017 Foundation” responsible for executing the big event when the Danish city Aarhus had the title as European Capital of Culture in 2017.


Eva Harlou works with a sustainable mindset and supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Goal number 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production”. We collaborate with responsible manufacturers and use sustainable materials in our interior projects and furniture development.

Goal number 14 “Life Below Water”. We use furniture and products made of recycled fishnet and other ocean waste.

Goal number 15 “Life on Land”. We use FSC certified wood and many other materials made in the most eco-friendly way.

Goal number 17 “Partnerships for The Goals”. We collaborate with a wide range of partners in Denmark and abroad – integrating sustainable materials in our projects. Together with great partners Eva Harlou has been involved in upcycling waste and developing new sustainable materials.

Tv Shows
Arkitektens hjem

Eva Harlou has worked as a tv-presenter
primarily focusing on architecture in series such as:

“The Architect’s Home” 

(Danish: “Arkitektens Hjem”, DRK), broadcastet in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland

“Outstanding Houses Of The North” 

(Danish: “Enestående Nordiske Huse”, DRK), broadcastet in Denmark and Sweden

“Denmark’s Greatest Home” 

(Danish: “Danmarks Skønneste Hjem”, DR1) 

“The Holiday Home” 

(Danish: “Sommerhuset”, temalørdag, DR2)

Besides hosting architecture shows Eva Harlou has been hosting “The X Factor” in Denmark for two seasons.

Host, Conferences & Moderator

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We become happier and healthier people, the more beauty that we choose to bring into our lives. Hear Eva Harlou talk about why it’s not just about how many beautiful designer pieces of furniture we can afford to buy, but also about how conscious we are of the beauty that already exists everywhere. Eva Harlou undergoes easy and fun exercises that can sharpen our senses. Beauty is everywhere. Eva Harlou provides kicks and a-ha experiences, so we can become better at seeing the beauty, choosing it and cultivating it.


Wallpaper Award

Best Breakthrough Designer

Iconic Award

Wine ball, Rosendahl

Bo Bedre Design Award

Noa bed, Auping

Archiproducts Design Awards

Noa bed, Auping

iF Design Awards

Noa bed, Auping