z house

Z House

Project details:
Title: Z-House
Architect: Eva Harlou ApS
Site: Risskov, Denmark
Size: 700 sqm.
Engineer: Kertens & Westphael A/S
Contractor: Riela Consult
Client: Anonymous
Photographer: Adam Mørk

Z House is a very exclusive house, located on the eastern coastline of Jutland, Denmark. Z House is designed for a family of two parents and four children. The minimalistic Z-shape of the house is a simple geometrical shape that solves all challenges in the project. Z House is a three level house with great outdoor terraces in 2 different levels. The unique view towards the sea is enhanced both from the living rooms and from the outdoor terraces. Ramps lead from the surrounding garden to the indoor areas. The basement includes garage, storage, wine cellar, game rooms, bathrooms and a large indoor swimming-pool area with direct access to the garden. Plan 0 includes the main entrance hall, a utility room, bedrooms, bathrooms, an open kitchen and a large living room with direct access to the lowest roof terrace. The top floor includes master bathroom, master bedroom with walk-in closet and a smaller living room with a fireplace. The top floor has a unique panoramic view towards the sea and access to the top roof terrace surrounded by a hedge of bamboo. In the central part of the house a large wall painting underlines the triple high entrance hall creating a great vertical connection through the house.

z house eva harlou